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Because life is better with kindness

With difficulty hearing and a throbbing in my head, I found my frightened and confused eight year old little self in a strange and unfamiliar place – a hospital ward. I was about to be removed from my offending tonsils and adenoids. Cast adrift from my familiar world in a place that smelt weird and felt cold, despite the heating offered. Bewildered, and with a throat on fire I awoke to the terrifying thought “where on earth was I?” Then I looked around and saw a kindly nurse sitting next to my bed. She offered me a glass of water, and then placed a cool flannel over my burning forehead and spoke soothing words. I will never, ever, forget her kindness.

Since that day, the power of kindness has never been lost on me. A kindly smile, a simple gesture, a helping hand. Kindness is a gentle strength that dwells within us all, and just like our muscles the more we exercise it the more it will grow and the benefits that flow are many fold; bettering lives, relationships and indeed the world.

Over the years I have come to recognise that regardless of form, every being who treads, flies, or swims upon this earth wants, needs and deserves kindness too! So wherever you are, whoever you may be, please come on board and help make kindness contagious. I guarantee
you will feel better for it, because life really is better with kindness.
Founder and Director
Edgar's Mission

Why being kind feels good

You know the warm glow you feel after an act of kindness? Scientific studies have shown that there are many benefits of doing good for the body and soul.

Kindness boosts your serotonin levels, a chemical that makes you feel happy and calm. It also stimulates oxytocin, the ‘love hormone’, which helps to lower your blood pressure and improves heart health, as well as making us feel more optimistic and confident. Endorphins reduce pain in the body, and reports show that stress, anxiety and depression are all decreased. Helping others can also increase your energy levels, and even make you live longer! 

Studies also show that kindness is teachable to others, and it is contagious. Just by witnessing you performing an act of kindness, others will feel good and will be inspired to do something kind too!

“Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. 
Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”
—Scott Adams

Why Be Kind to Animals

From companion animals to farmed animals, marine life to wildlife - all are capable of a full range of emotions. They experience love, joy, grief, fear, and have complex ways of communicating. By getting to know them, it’s clear that each one is an individual who wants to live a meaningful and happy life, no matter what their species. So the real question is… if we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?

Here are some animals whose lives have been transformed by kindness.

“If you can be anything, be kind”
– Unknown

21 Steps to Kindness!

Being kind to animals has never been more simple. From easy things you can do now, to long term actions that will make the world of difference, you can go from awesome to hero in 21 steps.

1. Ditch single use plastic, recycle, and compost food waste.

2. Share social media posts from your favourite animal charity to help spread the word, or share the kindness kit below.

3. Leave water out for wildlife (and place sticks in it for insects to be able to escape).

4. Sign a petition for a cause you believe in.

5. Say no to entertainment and tourism that exploits animals.

6. Report animal abuse. Call the Australia-wide Animal Cruelty Hotline on 1800 751 770.

7. Donate to your favourite animal charity.

8. Provide enrichment to your companion animals through playing games, providing toys, walking them, reading and talking to them. If you don’t have an animal, ask a neighbour if you can share this kindness with their furred or feathered friend!

9. Learn more about animals through books, documentaries and educational resources.

10. Keep an animal rescue kit in your car in case you find injured wildlife.

11. Eat kind by dining on delicious plant-based meals. Cutting out animal products like meat, dairy and eggs is easier than you might think! Find simple recipe ideas here.

12. Shop kind by not buying clothes, cosmetics or items that use or test on animals.

13. Arrange a fundraiser for your favourite charity. Here are some ideas from bake sales to vegan BBQs.

14. Email or write a letter to your MP or local newspaper about an animal welfare issue you care about.

15. Check on an elderly neighbour, or visit a nursing home or aged care facility. And if you can’t visit, call or write them a letter. We are part of the animal kingdom too!

16. Plant a native tree or create a pollinator garden to provide a habitat for local wildlife and bees.

17. Join an advocacy group or animal rights group.

18. Learn animal first aid so you’re able to help in an emergency.

19. Organise a local beach, park or waterway clean-up to help marine life and wildlife.

20. Volunteer at a local animal charity.

21. Foster or adopt an animal in need from a shelter or sanctuary.

“Kindness can become its own motive. 
We are made kind by being kind.” – Eric Hoffer

The Golden Rules of Being Kind

Be kind to yourself

It’s ok to make mistakes - it’s an opportunity to learn. Practicing self-care including gratitude, mindfulness and meditation can help.

Be kind to others

Humans are animals too! By being compassionate and not judging others, people will often be more open and kind in return.

Pass it on

By spreading kindness to others, you will be inspiring others to do the same. Order a free Kindness Kit for someone else here.

About Edgar's Mission

Edgar’s Mission is a not-for-profit sanctuary for over 450 rescued farmed animals with a vision of a humane and just world for all. 

Since our humble beginnings in 2003, we have rescued over 5,000 farmed animals in need. Edgar’s Mission is set on 153 peaceable acres near Lancefield in Victoria’s Macedon Ranges, and offer free sanctuary tours.

Find out more here.

“If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others... why wouldn’t we?” is a proud initiative of Edgar's Mission
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